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An Awesome Collection of Moleskine Sketches by Kerby Rosanes

I don't know why I like this picture so much

Imagen de flowers, art, and drawing

Let people dream what they want to dream because sometimes dreams are the only thing which makes them happy.

City within apple core drawing in pencil

Every picture tells its own story

The great thing about learning to draw is that you will be mastering a skill that will allow you to relax while having a feeling of fulfillment.

Art is everything

Butterfly Effect Drawing - Kate Louse Powell by TajtiPajti

Art - quotes about art

Art - quotes about art


Quote on creativity. "Being creative makes you a weird little beast because everything seems so bloody interesting for some strange reason.

Oil, Composition, Illustration

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Katowice, Polen

Giant On/Off Switch Mural. Spanish street artist escif recently painted this giant on/off switch on the side of a building in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.