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Auchmal schön dieses komische Pindings mit Kram vollspammen, wer folgt ist selber Schuld! :)
Sophie Hauschild
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This is one of my personal favorite outfits for my young master to wear. I simply could not resist taking a photograph. I dare say that he was a bit… unhappy with me afterwards… *sigh*

Although so many people I know hate Ciel for his pride, I really like him. His character and motive for success and drive for avengement is actually admirable. His pain gives him his personality, something I know well. I love you Ciel!

Black butler :* he's so adorable!

Ciel is so adorable! Mind you, the English dub sounds NOTHING like us brits << no, but the voices are still awesome <<< I prefer sub better than dub when I watch black butler