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A guide to designing a sustainable garden to minimise energy, water input and maximise biodiversity. From design, landscaping, plant selection to building.

This DIY art project idea is really easy, so much fun, and makes beautifully colored notecards. You just need a few simple supplies you may already have!

Paint Scrape Notecards - DIY Art Project Idea

Neighborhood collage. Love the sculptural element in this art project. Good way to use fore, middle, and background, too!

Love the sculptural element in this art project. Good way to use fore, middle, and background, too!

Kindergarten Projekte

The crayon and then dye/ watercolour paint is a good inspiration for card making.

Schatten nachmalen

5 Solar-Powered Crafts and Activities

Shadow drawing is a simple but fun outdoor art activity for kids. "In the morning a.) or late afternoon p.), place a table in a sunny spot where long shadows will be cast. Unroll paper along one side of the table, and arrange a variety of object

Vielen Sie Dank für Ihren Besuch und genießen Sie! Dies ist eine texturierte original Acryl abstrakt blumen Landschaftsgemälde mit dem Titel: In Love Es ist eine strukturierte Acryl floral Landschaftsmalerei auf Galerie gewickelt Säure freie Leinwand mit Heftklammer freie Kanten: Größe: 24 x 24 x 1, 5 (60cmx60cmx3, 6cm) und es ist an den Rändern bemalt, so dass keine Notwendigkeit für Frame fertig zum Aufhängen ist. Hochwertige Hochglanz-Lack angewendet wurde und das Gemälde wird von mi...

Acrylic Painting Abstract Landscape CONTEMPORARY ART ORIGINAL Floral Textured Canvas Art Blue Green Yellow White 24x24x1,5 (60cmx60cmx3,6cm)

This is a textured original acrylic abstract floral landscape painting with the Title: In Love It is a textured acrylic landscape floral painting on gallery wrapped acid free canvas with staple free edges: Size:

GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Angel Painting 3 von ChristineKrainock

GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Angel Painting 3 Angels Modern Wall Decor Home Decor Large Canvas Print Blue Gold Spiritual Art Christine Krainock

ORIGINAL Abstract Angel Painting White Blue Gold 3 Guardian Angels Art Textured Spiritual Wall Art - Christine Krainock Art - Contemporary Art by Christine - 1

Gato de colores

Lots of Art Projects for Kids: Abstract Oil Pastel Cat, Mrs. Katz and Tush - good math lesson on fractions and geometry


masking tape was used for the fence.the rest is finger painting techniques. You can also get a special kind of tape at art supply stores that comes off paper really easy.