Clothespins on frames! Easy to change out new artwork from the kids! Great idea!!

DIY Kids Artwork Display

Playroom gallery wall with rotating artwork display. Post includes tutorials for making clothespin frames, crayon art, & chalkboard + some absolutely genius tips for how to arrange & hang a gallery wall! (LOVE the frames with clothespin idea!

Target golf game. Easy to make, lots of fun.

Use for church chorister games - holes are worth certain points, can color them primary/secondary/tertiary and make a point value.Easy to make, lots of fun.

With summer coming up, these cardboard projects look like fun ways to keep the kids entertained!

10 Creative Cardboard Projects That Kids Will Love

have a table with 'build your own paper airplane' and the target practice hanging

10 Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

Paper Airplane Target practice - This would be an appropriate quick break or earned time activity. Middle school boys always want to throw planes. Would need an "airport" to store the planes in.

Rainbow Bubble SnakesHousing a Forest

Use rubber band or duct tape to secure sock to the bottom of the water bottle. Add some color to the bubble snakes with food coloring. The kids must be very happy to see the rainbow bubble snake created by them in summer.

15+ Kid Characters From Paper Plates - Minnie Mouse, Planes, Care Bears, TMNT, Octonauts and more!

15+ Kid Characters From Paper Plates

Kid Characters From Paper Plates - I Heart Arts n Crafts Kid Characters From Paper Plates - Minnie Mouse, Planes, Care Bears, TMNT, Octonauts and more! If you appreciate arts and crafts an individual will really like this site!

100 Engineering Projects For Kids, like this great Paper Airplane Launcher by frugalfun4boys #STEM #Activities

My boys love anything that can launch or fling items, and this homemade paper airplane launcher really fits the bill! It’s easy to build and will take ordinary paper airplanes to a whole new level.

Liesl Pfeffer combines her photographs to create abstract nature-inspired collages. One could label her work as “mixed media”, though she’s given herself the title of “photo-media artist”.

geometric shape landscape using magazine collage: image by Liesl Pfeffer via discover paper yr (good for a relief teacher)