Colorful Dyed Eggs with a whisk

Use whisks to hold eggs for dying, I will have to remember this for Easter! I don't have kids, but my memories of "dying" eggs for Easter is one of my great childhood memories! My mom would have LOVED this idea in 1960 with 5 kids and 3 dozen eggs :)

What a cool Easter egg!!

Prize Egg--put candy inside a balloon & blow it up. Wrap balloon with glue coated string and let it dry. Pop balloon and you have a prize egg!


CAISA K.: Plaster Eggs = Plaster onto balloons, Gipsbinden, Bilder sagen viel aus

wet chalk & tape resist Easter eggs - a fun activity for kids

wet chalk & tape resist Easter eggs - a fun art activity for kids from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

cute Easter egg carton chicks

easter egg carton chicks

Cute Easter Egg Carton Chicks -Do you have the cardboard type of egg cartons? Try out the super cute egg carton chicks by paper, plate and plane. You can add a couple candies inside.

Easter Egg Carton Chicks

easter egg carton chicks

Simple kids craft: paper plate baby chick

Toddlers will absolutely love this Baby Chick Paper Plate Craft that resembles Big Bird. Make this kids' Easter craft for the holiday or just because you love little chickies. Paper plate crafts for kids are wonderful and inexpensive.

Clemmensen and Brok (never heard of this place but I find this to be very appealing!)

idée de déco - Paques - Leuk idee voor Pasen For the table lovely to sit in the garden with easter time

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