Weinkiste als Beistelltisch

30 Handy Designs and Craft Ideas to Keep Homes Organized and Neat

What a great way to recycle an old crate. I could use two of these in my living room. Since I do not have a coffee table, I could use these as side tables and then wheel them around to wherever I needed them. I am on a mission to find some crates!

DIY Tisch aus Obstkisten

Interesting outdoor homemade rustic coffee table with rollers could be the fabulous variant in many DIY projects. Such practical piece could serve as coffee

DIY: Tischchen aus Obstkisten

DIY: Tischchen aus Obstkisten (A Cake A Day

Der neue It-Drink des Sommers heißt ...

Aperol-Sprizz & Lillet waren gestern! Der neue It-Drink des Sommers heißt ...