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Design, Workshop, Bijoux, Art, Pendants, Sandra, Rosa, Jewelery, Contemporary Jewelry
Necklaces — Sandra Enterline
five rings made out of fabric sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Linen Print Series | Susan Cross : Jewellery : Edinburgh
Linen Print Series | Susan Cross : Jewellery : Edinburgh
Rings, Ring, Gold, Jewelry Collection, Lamp
CHRISTOPH BLATTER — Goldschmied, Schmuckdesigner & Juwelier
a black and gold metal object on a white surface
Beauty, Hair Accessories, Nails, Bobby Pins, Brooch Art
Margit Jäschke
Inspiration, Contemporary Jewellery Designers, Niobium, Lifestyle
NECKPIECES | meghan-orourke
Metallica, Metalsmithing, Sterling Silver, Enamel Jewelry, Gems, Unique Brooch
Works | Brooches
Modern Jewellery Design, Lovely Jewellery, Jewelry Necklaces
Metal, Brigitte, Jewels, Brooch Pin
pair of earrings with black and white designs on them
Alicia-Jane Boswell Jewelry
Stud Earrings, Earrings, Simple, Stud, Iii, Brooches
Brooch | Ayaiwata
Mixed Media, Untitled, Square, Endless Possibilities, Canadian Jewelry, Botanical Jewelry
Current Work
Jewerly, Necklace, Necklace Designs
Metal Jewellery, Metal Jewelry, Artisan Jewelry
Marc, Plastic, Abstract Jewelry, Modernist
two green and black earrings with small yellow beads on the end of each earring
Yuko Fujita
Bib Necklace, Jewell, Accessories Design, Enamels, Metals
Philip, Adornment, Jewellery Exhibition, Pure Products, Artistry, Artsy, Contemporary
Interview with Philip Sajet
Jewellery Making, Minimalism, Modern Jewelry
Yoko Shimizu - Jewelry Gallery
Alloy, Goldsmithing
Flieger - Flyer
six different types of rocks on a white surface, each with their own unique design
Claire, Techniques, Design Inspiration
Accessories, Ideas, Minimal, Contemporary Crafts, Handcraft, Pendant, Vivaldi
Lucy Sarneel’s Jewelry
two small red and black squares with white dots on them sitting next to each other
three different colored rings sitting next to each other
Wayne Meeten | Portfolio