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three bowls with designs on them sitting side by side in front of a white background Texture, Pottery, Porcelain, Design, Diy, Ceramics, Contemporary Crafts, Ceramica, Oil Bottle
a blue and white piece of cloth with small flowers on the side, against a white background Techno, Art, Fibre Art, Textile Art, Textile Artists, Kunst, Fiber Art, Textile Prints
Pareidolia — MIMI JUNG
a white bowl sitting on top of a table Ceramic Art, Japanese Ceramics, Ceramic Design, Ceramic Artists, Bowl Designs, Ceramic Artwork, Japanese Traditional, Traditional Japanese Art
a black and white vase with an orange top Ideas, Vintage, Home Décor, Cambridge, Contemporary Art, Sgraffito
Lara Scobie — cambridge contemporary art
Lara Scobie — cambridge contemporary art
three red vases sitting next to each other on a gray surface with a black background Suzhou, Japanese Porcelain, Japanese, Japanese Culture, Asian Kitchen, Design Details
chaki-茶器 | 村瀬治兵衛ギャラリー
a silver bowl with flowers and leaves in it Metal, Jewellery, Deko, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Silver
Annette Zey Schalen, Silberschmiede, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Gerät, Sakrales, Schalen
there are two bowls made out of strips of paper Industrial, Metal Projects, Vase Design, Traditional Techniques, Repousse
Ane Christensen
many different colored glass vases on a white surface Studio, Antiques, Decanter, Bottle, Decanters, Cups, Applied Arts, Vase
db production glass — borealis studios
an artistic sculpture made out of sticks on a white surface with red and green lines Geometric Fashion, Tejidos, Handwork, High Art, Art Design, Contemporary, Papier, Fabric
Dienke Dekker
three vases with different colored liquids in them on a white surface, one is empty Glass Collection, Carafe, Float, Glas
float vases by federico floriani
a large kite flying in the sky with a big circle on it's side
Anna Rubin kite 2