Light art and installations

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several different lights hanging from the ceiling in a room with concrete flooring and white walls
Yuko Nishikawa forms amorphous lights from shells of clay and paper
a large metal structure with many lights on it's sides and wires attached to the top
Haegue Yang | Non-Indépliable, nue – Strive and Stake Orange, 2018
a white wall with some lights on it
| homify
several pieces of paper are hanging from the ceiling in an art gallery with white walls
Suspended cloud paintings
two different colored lights are on the wall next to each other in an empty room
Lisson Gallery
an abstract sculpture is displayed on the wall
colorful glass sculptures hanging from the ceiling in a room
several cement blocks are stacked together in front of a colorful art work on the wall
3D, David Batchelor's Portfolio
a large screen with the words mmm on it in front of a dark room
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
an abstract painting on display in a white room with blue, red and green lights
David Kordansky Gallery
a black and white photo of a wine rack with many circles on it, in front of a dark background
an art installation with multiple ladders and sculptures on the floor in front of a white wall
Conflict and Collisions: New Contemporary Sculpture at the Hepworth Wakefield
an abstract sculpture made out of multiple colored boxes in a large room with white walls
Alois Kronschlaeger Works