Simple Sesame Noodles

Simple Sesame ounces, fluid Thin Noodles, Cooked And Drained cup Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons Sugar 4 cloves Garlic, Minced 2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar 3 Tablespoons Pure Sesame Oil teaspoon Hot Chili Oil 4 Tablespoons Canola Oil 4 whole Green Onions, Sliced

Vegan Onigiri, Seis maneras - Estas caprichosas triángulos de arroz japonés se puede aromatizar con una multitud de ingredientes y hacer una gran comida para llevar o traer a lo largo de un picnic de primavera.

Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways

Vegan Onigiri (Rice Balls), Six Ways -- These whimsical Japanese rice triangles can be flavored with a multitude of ingredients and make a great packed lunch or bring-along for a springtime picnic.

Super gesund und exotisch ging es diesen Monat in unserer Kombüse zu: Selbstgemachte Onigiri. Du musst kein Sushi-Meister sein, um diese kleinen Leckerbissen auf den Tisch zu bringen. Also, worauf …

Super gesund und exotisch ging es diesen Monat in unserer Kombüse zu…

Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi. @Fritillaria - I don't enjoy the shrimp that much but I would enjoy eating this one's little face!

Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi: Combining two of my favourite themes, this sushi is a must. (My most favourite of all is amaebi, sweet shrimp, have you tried it?

Spring Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball|春の手まり寿司

Spring Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball|Why not infuse the foods you love at your wedding.