Create a Leaf lantern this Fall.  Just leaves + Modge Podge.  I use teeny tea lights inside the jar.  Line the walk way or use as table toppers.

Create a Leaf lantern this Fall. Just leaves + Modge Podge. tea lights inside the jar. Float the tealights in water; if the jar gets knocked over outside they will be extinguished instead of rolling onto your lawn and setting it ablaze.

wrap plastic cups in fabric and hang from string lights (these are SO cute, it's like making your own little lamp shades) Would look great in my lil craft room

Cover plastic cups in fabric, attach to string lights! What a great idea to use all the yards of fabric pieces and a lot of cups on a string of lights. I can see my granddarlings helping me on this project

festive ornament balls

Lovely Festive idea for a window. Felt balls on string hung from birch branch - Felt Ball Cascade Kit via the ACME Party Box Company

Preschool Project for the Sukkah: Coffee Filter Leaves

MirandaMade: Preschool Project: Coffee Filter Leaves - could do snowflakes in the winter: already circles & easier for little hands to cut!

autumn decor....

Here are some great ideas for decorating your front porch area as we are coming into Fall. Halloween is right around the corner and there are many ways to decorate your front door area with wreaths, pumpkins and plants.

Sukkah decorations.

Gourd Garland

Sukkot pumpkin decoration

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall harvest here in New England and incorporate a pumpkin topiary in my sukkah décor this year.

sukkot: Leaf garland

SUKKAH: Many Americans, upon seeing a decorated sukkah for the first time, remark on how much it reminds them of Thanksgiving. American pilgrims, who originated the Thanksgiving holiday, borrowed the idea from Sukkot.

With a few snips and folds, and a little imagination, you can turn humble paper bags into party-perfect decorations.

It's in the Bag: Ingenious Party Decorations

Hanging Paper Bag Flowers - You can use gusseted bags of any size for these hanging flowers; each flower is made from six bags.

Unique Sukkot Decor

DIY String Chandeliers - blow up balloon, dip yarn in watered down glue, arrange around the balloon.pop the balloon, I think.

When: Sukkot begins on the fifteenth of the month of Tishrei, five days after Yom Kippur. It falls in September or October.    Why: Each name of Sukkot corresponds to a different reason for celebration, historical, agricultural, and theological:    Historically, Sukkot commemorates the forty years in which the Israelites wandered around the dessert. They had left slavery in Egypt, but had not yet entered the Land of Israel, and therefore did not have a permanent dwelling place. To…

Lulav & Etrog Set – Complete Kosher Arba Minim for Sukkat Holiday, with Comprehensive Esrog n’ Lulav…


Maybe I'll just take over the pergola next door again, but all of our sheets were too short last time we did that. It was a sad looking sukkah.