The design in this space is beautiful.

155 Street Development — Pembrooke & Ives is a New York interior design firm that specializes in creating luxurious residential interiors.

Pendellampen - die aktuelle Tendenz in der Welt der Beleuchtung

Pendellampen - die aktuelle Tendenz in der Welt der Beleuchtung (Diy Lamp)

Die **delta Hängeleuchte** aus Beton ist ein Produkt der **Designwerkstatt LJ LAMPS**. Ein jedes Exemplar dieser ungewöhnlichen Leuchte wird von uns mit Präzision und Hingabe in Handarbeit...

LJ LAMPS delta – Hängeleuchte aus Beton

concrete light, we LOVE this, 2015 Trend: Concrete 2015 Trend: Inventive Lighting Styles www.

Lumina Bamboo Handwoven Pendant Lamps - Sphere & Oblong

Roost Chedi pendant bamboo lamps are airy; they are woven using split bamboo and have a pink paper thread detail which subtly accentuates the interior detail. The Chedi Bamboo Pendants will give equal

paint ornaments black and add glitter... Night scape weddings! Add drama for wow factor! // This is very pretty, but obviously they're lights. Glitter, sadly, is not going to glow like this.

gregmelander: ASTRAL LIGHTS These pendant lights are light a starry night. via Outdoor Lighting Country Home Interior Design – Resto.