I LOVE how the first photo looks like it's taken on a TV set or something! @Rachel Whitehurst Can we do this?? :)

I LOVE how the first photo looks like it's taken on a TV set! Simple yet effective group wedding ideas.

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Having pic of guys putting on ties would be nice. Also they have matching blue argyle socks.

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Honestly...this is just sexy - can we please do this where it says 'gators' and the football team comes out.

Shot low in the frame, bold leading lines, urban, contra jour and edgy. Bold, strong and interesting to see how far this style could be pushed with the posing

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Classic bridal party and group photos are necessary, but after hours of standing perfectly composed, you deserve something fun and creative! Capturing group photos is a challenge that involves great composition skills, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with fresh, new ideas that are outside of the box when you need to fit so …

50 Must-See Creative & Fun Wedding Day Group Photos

Must-Have Photos of the Groom and Groomsmen

Must-Have Wedding Photos of the Groom and Groomsmen

Welcome back to another Wedding Tip Wednesday! Today’s question is: Q: We’re having a casual outdoor weddingand I’m wondering if we need to dress the groomsmen in suits?