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Jensen's facial expressions are life. And Jared looks like he is 10000% done. He's like "Fuck, AGAAINN?"

"Okay, so what we've got a bunch of killer dolls, like Chucky? I mean, come on, that's just freaking creepy." I love Dean's expression! - Mannequin The Reckoning

He would have been tall enough if you had said yes.

Sam & Lucifer, I sort of just got done seeing this episode.I love how Lucifer kept bothering him by singing or throwing those firecracker thingys xD. I liked the little relationship they had

This made me smile. (Although I'm sure it's also for the sake of the angle/shot but whatever...ignore me and my technicalities)

BUT as children they probably had to sleep in the same bed cause.most motels only have two beds.and I can see John Winchester being a bed hog :P

Favorite gag reel moment (day 19) - season 6 gag reel - I think this is self-explainatory. I mean the boys being dorks is awesome

supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins purgatory am i kicked out of the fandom yet <--- this is actually from season gag reel. Jared is in there somewhere at some point if you watch the full thing


Taking the victim's attacker description seriously and all that. Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki Supernatural <<<This was one of my favorite episodes.