DIY: Vase or Jar For Storage or Gifts. Take a hot glue gun and print your design on a bottle or jar, and then spray paint.

"DIY Make your own life-size cardboard letters/numbers. Great for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations! saving this one for just in case. =)"~ I like how the pinned wrote "life-size" cuz numbers are giant in real life.

The 365-Day Happiness Challenge Guaranteed to Change Your Life

The most important thing in life, without a doubt, is to be happy. With that being said, don't overthink your happiness — remaining content is actually incredibly simple. We created a challenge that will make you more cheerful than you've ever bee

Weihnachtliche Windlichter von Lea | #WeihnachtenKannKommen

Everyday Style Pretty: How to Get rid of Facial hair with Homemade mask naturally. Lemon is an effective natural way to remove facial hair. Mix lemon juice , sugar , and water , and to apply the paste in the direction of hair growth. Leave for 15 minutes

DIY-Tuesday: Einfache Gesichtsmaske gegen große Poren

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Frühlingszeit & Einfache Frisuren Der Frühling steht vor der Tür und es wird Zeit für frische und stylishe Haarstyles. Diese Saison geht es um Freiheit, Jugend und wunderschöne Düfte. Mit der perfekten Frisur l