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These 6 Massage Tricks Will Make Everyone Love Your Massages

Styles used in massage therapy range from long, smooth strokes to short, percussive strokes. Some massage therapists use oils and lotions; Most massage therapists have clients unclot…

Aktivieren Sie Ihre Selbstheilungskräfte mit Hilfe von Akupressur! - Die zwölf wirkungsvollsten Akupressurpunkte

Mehr Energie durch Akupressur

With the help of your fingers, you can tap specific energy points located in the body. With this practice you will ease emotional upset, soothe pain and in some cases lose weight. This tapping technique is

Die Handreflexzonenmassage hilft ohne Medikamente gegen Schmerzen in den Gelenken und Organen. So funktioniert die Handreflexzonenmassage.

Handreflexzonenmassage: Schmerzen durch Massage lindern

Home Massagers. Massage Tips That Anyone Can Use For Health And Happiness. It can be great fun to learn massage therapy techniques that will benefit those in your life. You can even give your partner a massage and relieve their st

How to Give a Full Body Massage [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Give a Full Body Massage [INFOGRAPHIC] or learn to massage one body part (we have that info.