Photos + washi tape make easy and cute DIY frames.

Winter project: this DIY masking tape photo wall. Using colorful, printed masking tape, frame your photos in a fun, colorful way. You can turn an entire room in your home into a beautiful gallery of memories.

Schöne Idee wenn man ein kreatives Foto zu zweit machen möchte

Could be a cute idea for an engagement announcement or a save-the-date. Instead of the peace fingers, maybe a picture of save the date info

stairway gallery. Love the pops of color.

family member initials in hallway Great photo display idea for baby boy's room or toddler's room! Especially for those who have odd shaped walls!

Bilderleiste im Flur

Love the little shelf along the hallway to mimic a hallway table. Great for a narrow hallway where there's not room for a table.