Guess the date? Make it fun, buy a square & closest person gets half the pot. (Other half goes to the new parents for a gift card)

Baby shower idea: Guess the baby's birthday! Great way to replace a guest book. You could use stickers of a pacifier and/or a rattle. Each person placed the sticker on the date they predicted and signed their name. Perfect to put in a scrapbook, too!

Treppenaufgang oder Flur

Meaningful Handprint Art Gifts: Our family personalized hand print family portrait art print using your family's actual handprints by Pitter Patter Print @ Etsy

So eine süße Idee!!!;-)

Salt Dough Footprints Heart Tutorial

Jede Farbe, Liebe Handabdruck und Fußabdruck Leinwand-Kunst mit Drucken Kit, personalisiert, benutzerdefinierte handgemalt Andenken, 12 x 16"

Any Color, Love Handprint and Footprint Canvas Art with Print Kit, Personalized, Custom Handpainted Keepsake,

Eine schöne Erinnerung!

as Growth Chart: Record how quickly your child has grown by lining up shoes in a shadow box and labeling them with the appropriate ages. I'm a sucker for baby shoes! Could use the other shoe(s) & make another shadowbox for grandma :)

Custom Handprint and Footprint "Love" Canvas Art

Any Color, Chevron Love Handprint and Footprint Canvas Art with Print Kit, Custom Handpainted Keepsake,


Mabel through the months - photo idea baby growth Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Snead // I want to do this as a Christmas present but with me as the baby at intervals of 26 years + 1 month 26 yrs + 2 months and give it to Morgan strunk

Dieses wunderschöne Erinnerungsstück ist schnell gemacht und kostet fast nichts. So süß!

If you boil baking powder in a pan, you’ll create a real piece of artwork.

Shabby Blechschild METALL Wandschild GESCHWISTER von INTERLUXE auf

Shabby Blechschild METALL Wandschild GESCHWISTER

Shabby Blechschild METALL Wandschild GESCHWISTER von INTERLUXE auf

Just simple glitter, glue and a glass picture frame...ADORABLE!

Such a neat idea instead of doing paint! Just put school glue on the bottom of baby's foot, put their foot print on the glass, quickly sprinkle it with glitter, and let it dry. But don't forget to wash the glue off of baby's foot :)

this is so cute! Preserve your little one's footprints in garden stepping stones.

Favorite Part of this is to make a stepping stone path. HOW: cup salt, cup flour, cup (give or take) water. Knead until dough forms. Make impression. Bake at 200 for 3 hours. Do every summer and make a stepping stone path :) What a cute idea!