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The Doctor is real…

"Found this while doing a school project a while back. There was nothing else written on the stone." There's starting to be so many signs the Doctor is real I'm going crazy.<--- This is so scary and SO awesome!

black lotus - Imgur

black lotus > I love making these! Funny story: I learned to make these years ago (Before Sherlock) and I loved the way the black ones look and have them lying around my living room. Haha<<< Im a fail on origami,yet I still keep tryng!

Sherlock and Mycroft

The Holmes use friends as a family swear word and my family uses fine. It shows that a family would have least one word as a family swear.

Today I acted like a dinosaur with Anderson. It was an experiment for the case of the Black Remote Control.

Today I sang Stayin Alive with Irene Adler. It was an experiment for the case of the Black Pillow.>> I handcuffed myself to Anderson in the case of the black blanket.

Deducting with Jim Moriarty while holding a skull will lead to a date with John.. I'm okay with this lol

Sherlock taught me that running with Mycroft Holmes while holding a skull will lead to falling off a building.<<< Terrorizing/ Viciously killing with John Watson while holding Sherlock's scarf will lead to bombing a train.