The best a man can get.

Really well re-branded package design with a with a clean and nice layout. Re-Branding Gillette, via CAP on TTL Design.

Nice Body of work

Just In Case

“If the year 2012 does bring the world to an end, Mexican branding companyMenosunocerouno plan to face the apocalypse in style with a survival kit that includes chocolate and hard liqueur…” (via Just in Case by Menosunocerouno - Dezeen)


Corina Nielsen Photography & Designs: Part 1- The new look!


"A concept for maple syrup packaging, where the emphasis has been placed almost exclusively on the syrup classification." Made of maple wood veneer. Designed by student Andree Rouette.



ARCHIVE Moomah Cafe & Magazine ← Pack of Beer by Austin Beerworks → Brooklyn-based branding and design agency Apartment One crea.


State of the Obvious Brand identity with a collection of products "which turns conventional branding on its head" by Mash Creative, an independent design s

Sensible Cologne and snifty illustration

Davison Steward Lippi Lippi "Smell Like Your Dad" cologne packaging. Anderson Design OMG there are marketing execs who think like me and my friends, thanks Court :)


Producte de Gallecs

cute...I mean cool.

Pana Chocolate is a handmade raw organic chocolate brand based out of Melbourne, Australia. Identity, illustration and packaging designed by Porsha Marais

Bethany Heck

Bethany Heck, Gas Light District ID manual - Identity Book Award - Gas Light District ID manual