Anselm Kiefer, The Hierarchy of the Angels

Anselm Kiefer The Hierarchy of the Angels (Die Ordnung der Engel), 2000 Oil, emulsion, shellac, and linen clothes on canvas 950 x 510 cm Collection of the artist

Anslem Kiefer: 2002 Sefiroth

Anselm Kiefer (German, b. Sefiroth, Mixed media on photograph laid on canvas, 157 x 88 cm.

Anselm Kiefer / Royal Academy of Arts - 27 September - 14 December 2014

Kiefer - Man made/ hellish environment Anselm Kiefer / Royal Academy of Arts - 27 September - 14 December 2014

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Artist: Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer is a German Painter and sculptor born March His works incorporate materials such as straw,ash,clay,lead and shellac. This is my favourite piece of Kiefer, simply because it …

Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer The texture in this painting is incredible, it is almost like the paint is peeling off of the canvas and revealing the trees, almost like paint bark.

Anselm Kiefer's Korridor. Werke von ihm sind in unserer nächsten Ausstellung zu sehen. WIR 1 Acting in Concert vom 12.07.-07.09.14 in der Klinger Villa in Leipzig.

Anselm Kiefer ‘Urd Werdande Skuld (The Norns)’ 1983 Oil, shellac, emulsion and fibre on canvas 4205 x 2805 x 60 mm

Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer at White Cube, London N1

Anselm Kiefer's Salz, Merkur, Sulfur, Mixed media and lead boat on canvas Charles Duprat/Courtesy White Cube

Anselm Kiefer (born March 8, 1945) is a German painter and sculptor. He studied with Joseph Beuys and Peter Dreher during the 1970s. His works incorporate materials such as straw, ash, clay, lead, and shellac. The poems of Paul Celan have played a role in developing Kiefer's themes of German history and the horror of the Holocaust, as have the spiritual concepts of Kabbalah.

"The Sixth Trumpet (Die Sechste Posaune)" Anselm Kiefer. Emulsion, acrylic, shellac, and sunflower seeds on canvas;