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> Tokyo Fashion - So farbenfroh und modebewusst haben japanische Kids den Sommer zelebriert | Japan | AMY&PINK

Vanitytours: This is Senanan, the fashion designer behind the indie Japanese fashion brand Qiss Qill. She has lilac and blue hair, with a FRESH.AM cap, a bandana and a face mask from her own label.

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Harry Potter Snape / Doctor Who cosplay - "There was arm flailing and snorting over this. What would you even call this ship?

TARDIS dress - Now that is fancy AND super cool...

Loveliest TARDIS dress design I've ever seen. Someone needs to make this a reality! - Ok, I don't know who designed this, but it's about to become my Doctor Who cosplay for SDCC this year. For reals.<<< it will be my prom dress

I need to do this

(Changed my phone wallpaper to all the photos, so freaky!