How To Make Your Own "Gourmet" Christmas Wreath.

How To Make a "Gourmet" Homemade Christmas Wreath & Simple Advent Wreath

We used to collect pine cones and acorns from accross the street from out house! My grandmom was rocking the DIY wreath a long time ago!

20 Christmas Wreaths to Make

I love natural decorations ! Such as this unique wreath, it made with pine cones, nut shells and acorns. This natural pine cone wreath will look great han

NATURKRANZ ♥Winterzauber♥ Türkranz groß LANDHAUS  von ♥♥ kranzkunst ♥♥ auf

NATUR ♥Winterzauber♥ Türkranz groß LANDHAUS SHABBY

reindeer made from wood

Have some old logs and sticks and want to do something fun? These rustic reindeer a a great way to use up that old wood this holiday season! Click through for step by step directions holiday christmas ornament - Amazing Interior Design

Shabby chic and I: DIY Kranz aus Zapfen und Zimtbrezeln

Shabby chic and I - Shabby Chic, DIY und Deko: DIY Kranz aus Zapfen und Zimtbrezeln