sehr schöne Idee für ein Leuchtbild im Schlafzimmer. Auf einer Leinwand mit Holzrahmen alles außer den Schriftzug schwarz streichen. Darauf achten, eine Glühbirne, die nicht heiß wird, zu verwenden

41 Coolest Night Lights To Buy Or DIY

Sources: Baby Birdhouse Lamp A Tiny Baseboard Mouse House Bird in a Jar Nightlights The Fried Egg Night Light Gummy Bear Night Light Giraffe Wall Light DIY Cloud Night Light “Moon in My Room” actually shows the phases of the moon T

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Bender Photo Collage - I used a x canvas with blocks of Think quilt blocks. Glue pictures on with Elmers glue leaving a small border between. I nailed (every 12 inches or so)the canvas to wall behind random pictures to keep it s


Ma Maison Logique is a tiny house built in Kamouraska, Quebec, by its owners, Pascal Dube and Catherine Duval. The home is environmentally friendly and made from local resources.

Crochet Mermaid Blanket Freie Anleitung

Crochet Mermaid Blanket Tutorial Youtube Video DIY

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