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#spruch #sprüche #spruchdestages #quote #zitat Mehr coole Sprüche gibt's auf gofeminin.de!

#spruch #sprüche #spruchdestages #quote #zitat Mehr coole Sprüche gibt's auf gofeminin.de!

Meanwhile in the Netherlands… (I don't know why I'm placing this under humour as it's terrifying me -- I don't even go within a couple of metres of the canal in Malmö for fear of falling in!)

Meanwhile in the Netherlands…

This is the best thing ever ❤️

The water hose bottle thing is real it conserves water and spreads it out evenly especially when watering plants

Warum klaut mein Mensch..

Translated : Why does my owner (human ) keep stealing my poop with a small shovel. It's a worldwide problem.

I cry every time when this happens... #leagueoflegends #lol #leagueoflegendsextremist

Funny pictures about Online Gaming In A Nutshell. Oh, and cool pics about Online Gaming In A Nutshell. Also, Online Gaming In A Nutshell photos.

Meine Motivation

Vielmehr Der liegt noch im Bett,ach guck,jetzt winkt ER und zeigt mir den…

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Funny pictures about Fear me! Oh, and cool pics about Fear me! Also, Fear me!

League of Legends ^^

League of Legends ^^

Funny Memes of Husband and Wife Memes) it's usually me correcting my husband's.


The Lion King meets League of Legends - Mufasa teaches Simbarashe the importance of ward placement.