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#emilykinney - "Eternally lost never sounds like a hopeful or happy prognosis. But, in her rare, mysterious case, it was the best news she could ever receive. Better to be eternally lost, and wandering throughout a neverending woods as its protector, than eternally tormented. So she took up her post with barely a moan, her large, empty eyes seeing all, looking for those whose lostness she could help, to make up for her own."

I'd like to imagine this is the ghost of the forest you've always hoped to meet. The one to light the way home if you're lost, or make you feel warm when you're cold, or give you a peaceful feeling when you're scared.


Clouding around the edge of the picture. Contrast of the black and white. The light in the back of the picture pops out more so you notice the child and the ball. Use a silhouette cut-out to make the silhouette of the child?

Black Waters...

Is the Evyel Forest. Most kin of evil spend their time here. Many eons ago, this forest florished with love and light, until the evil took over. Now it is abandoned and only the bravest survive this nightmare, and a terrible beast.


A glance over the shoulder a whisper in the mist, an echo through the trees. Spirit travelers, shamans and tricksters. As surely as his paddle slices the surface, he knows he is not alone. Poem by Wintercove Paddler in the early morning mist.