Savory Kalác (Hungarian Twisted Bread) with Pancetta, Spring Onion, Sour Cream and Cheese filling.

Serbian Famous Cheese Pie - Gibanica gužvara

Contemporary version, still great tast - Dolce Fooda: Serbian Famous Cheese Pie - Gibanica gužvara

Burek..(with feta, cottage cheese + filo. serve with yogurt)  oh how much I miss you Little Upside Down Cake

Burek - filo dough, feta cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream - MMMM! I love burek, best thing I remember eating in Croatia. Our sweet Slovenian mama in the campsite behind us made this for us!

Školjkice sa krem piletinom

FIL 120 g belog mesa 1 krompir, oko 150 g 1 šargarepa, oko 100 g

Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza capricciosa


dansko pecivo

Dansko pecivo

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Domaće kifle za sendviče

Domaće kifle za sendviče

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Somuni za pljeskavice

Somuni za pljeskavice

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kravajčići sa sirom

Kravajčići sa sirom