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an electronic device sitting on top of a table next to a box and some wires
A team of material scientists, engineers & hobby gardeners founded the idea for KALEA in 2017 💚
Back then, we started our first experiments at the Technical University in Darmstadt - with a kitchen machine. Just like you can see in the picture. Soon, our fully automated kitchen composter will be ready to enchant you at home. We are proud of the journey and everything we have learned over the past years.
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Everyone out of the house - KALEA composts 🏠♻️
Everyone out of the house - KALEA composts 🏠♻️ Our automatic kitchen composter takes an average of 48 hours to complete the composting process. But don't worry, thanks to our patented process, you can continuously fill in your food scraps into KALEA without having to wait until composting is complete. And when you're back home? You will be delighted with the final result - Joy over fresh, nutrient-rich compost.
two different shades of blue and brown on top of each other with plants in the background
Colourful Compost 🎨
We decided to bring a little more color into play in the design. Not only does this soften the look a bit - you also know exactly which container in the lower part of the device is for water and which is for compost. So you can easily tell which color serves which purpose, right? The color touched containers are already developed. As soon as our design patent application is final, we will be able to show you detailed photos again.
two men are looking at something in a glass case while another man is working on it
Always hands-on 👋 Our Italian colleagues visited us at the beginning of the month
The time we spent together was very informative and even if there are still one or two jobs to be done, we can already decide today which tooling we will approve first. Since we will need many steps in series production, this insight is very valuable.
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Good Vibes Only ⚡️ EMC measurements
The EMC measurement is important for all other devices in your household. We have the ambition to develop a smart device. Of course, it should not disturb your other gadgets and machines with its frequency. So we've been in the lab with the current prototype. Here we measured the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and emission of the device. 😍 Since we are still in the middle of the patent application process, the photos are unfortunately only available with KALEA in a blurred look
the words step by step are in front of an image of a white and brown refrigerator
We are in progress day by day and love to give you a little update from our production site 😍
⭐️Prototypes are currently running ⭐️We are close to the finalization of water and compost containers. So it is comfortable to use ⭐️We are also in the final stages of completing the serial design of the filling funnel ⭐️The final position, angle of the power cable are ready for finalization. ⭐️The compost drawer gets a new update including a color change - thank you again for your valuable input in our last update. ⭐️The latest changes are based on the surveys and opinions of our backers
a cell phone sitting on top of a laptop computer next to a potted plant
Our kitchen composter is a smart device.
Our kitchen composter is a smart device. We want to know: Do you have a smart home already? Which smart kitchen or home devices do you already use? Share it with us 📲👩‍🍳🥗🏠
two smartphones with the time displayed on them, one is displaying an alarm clock
Homemade compost in 48h | | Germany
We are close to finalizing our device screens - this includes KALEA itself, but especially our app. How do you like the final look 😍?
two images show the same side by side before and after they were made into coolers
We send greetings from our factory in Italy 🇮🇹
The new and final serial prototype is nearing completion and by April at the latest we will be able to share with you a big update on all the features and results. Now it's time: Tackle, move forward, finalize everything 🥳 The tooling is waiting for us!
a person holding an iphone in their hand with plants on the screen and one plant behind them
KALEA will be a smart device✨
So we've been finalizing our KALEA app over the last few months, following intensive testing. It now fits even better with our clean, puristic design. We have reduced the appit to the minimum, while adding great features that are still a surprise. This much we can reveal: you will learn many new facts about the app and strengthen your green thumb.
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48 hours ⏰
KALEA needs only 48 hours to create real, nutrient-rich compost. And don't worry, thanks to our unique process, you can continuously throw your food leftovers into KALEA without having to wait until the composting is finished.
an empty room with several lights and equipment on the floor in front of it, there is a yellow frame over the photo
Microphone, test, one, two 🎤
Hey, this is KALEA speaking. Our tech team just spend some productive time with our partner in Italy to continue working on our final prototype. Here you can see KALEA in a sound studio. We measure the volume and listen to KALEA. Because we want our kitchen composter to provide you with fresh compost as quietly and relaxed as possible 😍
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KALEA is a #smartdevice
You'll be able to control your kitchen composter via smartphone and also use your app to dive deeper into our beautiful compost world 📲
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So fresh and so clean?
To ensure that your compost is processed odorless, we have implemented several technical features in KALEA, including an integrated active carbon filter 😍 Besides that, your KALEA is easily to clean – to make compost together for as long as possible.
a close up view of an electronic device with wood grain on the front and sides
Homemade compost in 48h | | Germany
Open 24/7 💛 Did you know that you can fill KALEA at any time? Our automatic kitchen composter works with a unique two-chamber system - so KALEA follows your kitchen rhythm and not the other way around.