most of the time...

At times, I’m grateful that thoughts don’t appear in bubbles over our heads

The 12 Types of Procrastinators, 20PX

The 12 Types of Procrastinators [COMIC]

Procrastination at its finest (I'm a Cleaner, List Maker, and Napper!) Im the list maker and snacker!

Awww how sad!

Oh, mixed tapes. and when flip phones were the newest innovation . and my pager when I got the number Turned it upside down and it said hello! Lol I was 17 what did I need a pager for?

they said |

Funny pictures about The guy who looks like a cloud. Oh, and cool pics about The guy who looks like a cloud. Also, The guy who looks like a cloud photos.


Las redes sociales en la vida real / Social networks in real life :P ;

Batman / social media humor. Hahaha! :-)

Ever wondered what superheroes think of Social Media? Illustrator and comic artist Scott Hampson, wondered the same thing. He has drawn a very funny cartoon of Batman and Robin using FourWhere (…

Retro #Twitter |

Some social media fun to kick start the week. Here are some great vintage/retro social media ads made by Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency. Learn more about the story behind them at Top Design Mag.

Don't hate #monday ;)

Artist Leaves Cute Motivational Sticky Notes On The Train