Schmetterling Kostüm selber machen | Kostüm Idee zu Karneval, Halloween & Fasching

Metamorphosis - Model - Merima Hella Hadžić Make-up / hair - Oksana Partilova Dress - Design by Emina Photo / retouch by Nadja Berberovic

Fasching: Karneval-Kostüme und Deko zum Selbermachen - BRIGITTE

Faschingskostüm selber machen - die besten Ideen

Glücksbärchen | Kostüm-Idee für Gruppen zu Karneval, Halloween & Fasching

GROOVAHOLIX Dance Company needed an idea for a great, easy, and COMFORTABLE Halloween costume for a group.

Idee für Karneval: Schwarze künstliche Wimpern mit rot-schwarzem Augen Make-Up! Zum Kostüm als rote Königin Iracebeth aus Alice im Wunderland. Wimpern von

35 Disgusting and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas on Pinterest That Will Give You Nightmare

Eye Makeup Tips and Advice Eyes occupy the most prominent place among the five sensory organs of our body. Large and beautiful eyes enhance one's beauty manifold. Healthy eyes are directly related to general health. Use eye-make up v

Love the creativity here... garden gnome sitting on a toadstool!  #mushroom #halloween #costume

Genius idea for an elf Halloween costume! All you need from your local Goodwill is a stripped T-shirt, matching pants, a belt, and shoes! You might even already have some of these at your house! All you need to do is make the hat!

saw makeup halloween schminktipps ideen frauen

This style of makeup plays with white, black and dark ted tones on the face. Dark rainbow sclera contacts are then added to complete the creepy look.

Karnevalskostüme selber machen: Popcorn

Karnevalskostüme selber machen: DAS sind die genialsten DIY-Kostüme!

Now here's a costume that really pops (sorry, had to). If you can't find a red and white striped skirt, you can definitely hack one with some white tape or fabric paint. Get the instructions here.

Karnevalskostüme selber machen: Ananas

Karnevalskostüme selber machen: DAS sind die genialsten DIY-Kostüme!

Halloween costumes don't need to be an investment! Check out these great, inexpensive Halloween costume ideas that will have you looking great!