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Who's ready for Halloween tomorrow? 🙋🎃 Recreate adorable deer look using our Wonder Stick and Highlight & Contour pro palette! 🙌 Tell us your Halloween costume in the comments below!

alien-makeupWhen it comes to Halloween makeup, the general idea is the more elaborate, the better. Scroll through the “Halloween makeup” tag/search on Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ll come across thousands of photos of meticulous, beautiful makeup photos that make you itch to try them on your own. The only problem? That kind of detailed makeup work can be incredibly difficult, and most of us, let’s face it, are on a more beginner level than that.

Go all-out with a killer (but easy) Halloween look: Give brows a fierce arch with dark eyebrow wax. Apply dark navy shadow on eyelids, creases and under eyes for a deep-set, dramatic look. Line waterlines with black liner

dia de los muertos / day of the dead - flower crown

Last minute costume ideas you can make with items found in your office. Whether for Halloween or a dress-up costume party, here are a few no-effort getups, all crafted with common household items and office supplies.

Faun-Ohren / Deer Kostüm Ohren von WhitefoxHats auf Etsy

Deer Headband, Fawn Ears, Deer Ears Headband - Fawn Felt Ears - Doe Ears - Kid's Headband - Deer Headband, Fall Headband by VivibellesBows