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Code Geass is one of the few great anime that has a lot of action scenes combined with great plot tw Manga Anime, Fanarts Anime, All Anime, Anime Love, Anime Guys, Anime Characters, Anime Art, Manga Girl, Code Geass Wallpaper

:'o everyone who watched this show cried so hard at this time!!! i freakin balled like a baby

Code Geass, a serious, inspiring anime with good writing, conflict, and occasionally weeabo. Code Geass, All Anime, Me Me Me Anime, Anime Stuff, Anime Guys, Manga Art, Anime Manga, Anime Meme, Vocaloid

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Just seeing Lelough like that is enough to make me laugh. Add the demotivational poster and I'm on the floor. XD uploaded by Anonymous on Jan 9 2013 4:22PM

Horrible moment in anime history. So many years and still feel like crying T^T (code geass) Otaku, I Love Anime, Me Me Me Anime, Code Geass Wallpaper, I Know That Feel, Fulmetal Alchemist, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Funny Scenes, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Horrible moment in anime history. THIS IS SO NOT OK!! LET ME CRY IN THE CORNER NOW! (code geass)

This fits so well! I am crying at this perfection Only code geass and harry potter fans understand All Anime, Me Me Me Anime, Anime Manga, Shirley Code Geass, Otaku, Lelouch Vi Britannia, 4 Panel Life, Memes, Fandom Crossover

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Nunally, Lelouch, Euphemia, and Cornelia - Code Geass Anime Echii, Sad Anime, Anime Guys, Anime Art, Code Geass, Otaku, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Okuda, The Ancient Magus Bride

Lelouch of the Rebellion: Britania Family

britannia siblings code geass | Minitokyo » Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Scans » Code Geass ...