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an aerial view of some very tall buildings in the city with a river running through it
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Nachverdichtung in den Städten - durch Modulhäuser in Leichtbauweise.
a large inflatable boat floating on top of a lake surrounded by trees and mountains
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Floating Modulhäuser von SPACE FOUNDER.
an artist's rendering of a rooftop restaurant with tables and chairs, overlooking the city
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Nachverdichtung in Städten - durch Leichtbau-Modulhäuser.
an inflatable hot air balloon sitting on top of a snow covered mountain
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Leichtbau-Haus am Berg platziert.
a house on the side of a mountain with mountains in the background
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Modulhaus am Hang platziert.
the different types of logos are shown in white on black background, including an arrow and arrows
Design Gebäude | Space Founder | Produktion in Bayern
SPACE FOUNDER - die Vorteile der Modulhäuser in Leichtbauweise.