If my hair was this long and voluminous when straightened I would do this style in a heartbeat!!

(Die Schulterranken aus Draht und Lack als Armreife, Krone und Kette?)Love the mystical look of this!

Edmund hätte Serafina fast nicht wiedererkannt. Sie trug ein silbernes Kleid das bis zum Boden reichte. Ihre hüftlangen, roten Haare fiehlen in leichten Korkenzieherlocken über ihre Schultern.  ...

Men courted Rebecca daily, and her father insisted she meet every single one of them. But Rebecca had no love for anybody.


❤️ Redhead beauty❤️ Virginia Hankins - professional archer, stuntwoman, and lady knight…


I want the length so freaking bad. I want hair that annoys people because it is so long

This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful! I love red hair and I love extremely long hair!

*Goddess Matrix* / The Roman Goddess Mena or Dea Mena (along with Juno) assured women's menstrual flow, which the Roman's thought is redirected during pregnancy to feed the developing child.

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