"Trabant" (Trabi), DDR 1958

East German bucket of bolts, the "Trabant" (Trabi), DDR 1958

GAZ M20 Pobeda

GAZ Pobeda - our family car.

ZIL - 112 Cyklon    cool old Russian car

ZIL - 112 Cyklon cool old Russian car


Vintage Auto Ads from the Soviet Union - Neatorama

Tatra car advertising, Czechoslovakia

1959 brochure for the fabulous Tatra an aircooled super saloon from Czechoslovakia.

Soviet car ads from the 1970s. Need I say more?

Vintage Russian automotive promotional pictures are weird and wonderful

You must remember ZIS. More Cool Russian Cars! | The Jalopy Journal The Jalopy…

These Soviet Concept Vehicles Are Clearly From An Alternate Universe The Cyclops-like with a single headlamp and an experimental 6005 cc engine, that could run the car with 126 mph kmh) in 1951

1958 USSR Moscvich ads: M410 car off-road

1958 USSR Moscvich ads: car off-road

A Soviet-era car ad. Anyone know what it is?! Answer is UAZ 452

Advertising posters of Soviet cars UAZ - 02

Soviet driving posters Retronaut | Retronaut - See the past like you wouldn't…

Soviet Driving Under Influence warning poster Text: “Being drunk is a crime!

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