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For Cramps Yoga, Alchemy, Sanat, Balance, Healing Symbols, Salute, Healing, Chronic, Relief
For Cramps
Sanjeevini Healing Card--Back Meditation Mantras, Mudras, Acupressure, Healing Modalities, Energy Work
Sanjeevini Healing Card--Back
Removal of blockages of any kind Energy Therapy, Mantras, Healing Meditation
Removal of blockages of any kind
Removal of blockages of any kind
Removal of blockages of any kind
ds 17.Blood Pressure (high)
ds 17.Blood Pressure (high)
Diabetes adult Magick
Diabetes adult
For Greed God, Numerology
For Greed
For Honesty Symbols, Power Symbol, Circle
For Honesty
ds 22.Brain Power
ds 22.Brain Power
DS224.Management of Time Colouring Pages, Acupuncture, Bps, Energy
DS224.Management of Time
bps 47.Teeth Ancient Knowledge, Spiritual Healing, Angelic Symbols
bps 47.Teeth
DS199.Addiction - TV Healing Circles, 2 Numerology, Switch Word, Energy Circles, Grabovoi Numbers
DS199.Addiction - TV
ds 157.Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Alternative, Dental Fillings, String Crafts, Switch Words
ds 157.Antitoxin - Dental Fillings
ds 186.Vertigo Tattoos
ds 186.Vertigo