Spontan Geschenke

toilet or kitchen or wrapping paper roll recycled gift box for fancy little gifts idea for birthdays or christmas , good for fragile things , jewellery and silk scarves also a good way to package things you sell on line or at craft sales

Klasse Geschenkidee

thought you might like this idea in addition to the diaper cake you are doing Cupcake onesies baby gift - perfect homemade gift idea. So cute and always a hit at the baby shower!

Onsie Cupcake Tutorial

Onesie Cupcake Tutorial

Baby Sock Bouquet Tutorial. This is so cute!!!

Baby Socks Roses Bouquet Watch The Video

A Baby Socks Roses Bouquet is the ultimate homemade gift and we have a Baby Sock Rose Bouquet Video for you to watch to show you how to make your own.

Mini bundt cakes in egg box

Mini bundt cakes I egg box I Eierbox I Homemade gifts from the kitchen Sticker II Casa di Falcone.FYI can also be used for mini cupcakes too!