How to build a campfire - Survival Tips

Tips everybody should know before going camping this summer (22 HQ Photos)

How To: Tie the 10 most useful knots

HOW TO - Tie the 10 most useful knots

How to determine daylight hours

Wann geht die Sonne unter? Guter Trick, um die verbleibende Zeit bis zum Sonnenuntergang zu schätzen (auf englisch).

50 Awesome Facts About Languages. I cover language diffusion, isolation, and extinction in my AP Human Geography course. This infographic is outstanding! Even if your subject area does not specifically cover language- it is a central issue developing due to a more connected world. Those who see no economic benefit of their native language will cease to speak it, however, with many tribal languages having no literary tradition, the knowledge and culture of natives is lost with the last…

Language Facts Around The World

50 awesome Facts about Languages. Eine diverse Sammlung von wissenswerten, kuriosen und anderen Punkten in Bezug auf Sprachen.

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