Brilliant food hack! Brownie bowls for ice cream sundaes

Brownie Bowl Sundaes

Dreyer’s Super Sundae Brownie Bowl: Here’s an easy way to push your already extraordinary Dreyer’s ice cream sundae over the top! It's a fresh-baked brownie bowl! You don’t have to wash the bowl! You get to eat it!

How To Make A Tie-Dye Cake. This guide is AMAZING. Not just for tie-diy cakes.

Tie Dye Cake Recipe

These desserts are gorgeous!  The technique to make these cakes are so simple.  I love that I can actually make something that looks this gorgeous to take to parties and to make for my kids!

4th of July Dessert - Red, White and Blue Tie-Dye Cake

I can bet one of my boys will want a cake like theses! Hungry Happenings: of July Dessert - Red, White and Blue Tie-Dye Cake

Dr. Seuss Cookies. So easy I am almost embarrassed to pin.  Would be awesome in CHRISTMAS colors!

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

This cake is so good and ridiculously easy to make! I made it at the beginning of the year for a few of my friends and it was gone in like 5 minutes! I do yellow cake though because it's my favorite!

Used my homemade chocolate cake recipe, 10 Kit Kat bars, Betty Crocker icing and mini M & Ms on top.

Surprise cakes! Cutting these confections reveals a stunning secret.

3 Beautiful Cakes Hiding Fun Surprises Inside

Hintd - Surprise-Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion--with a Little Something Extra Inside

Yummy Recipes: Giraffe Patterned Swiss Roll Cake recipe

Funny pictures about Fantastic Giraffe Swiss Roll. Oh, and cool pics about Fantastic Giraffe Swiss Roll. Also, Fantastic Giraffe Swiss Roll.