Amazing Geek Weddings.. you need this, bro.

Amazing Geek Weddings

Lego Wedding Ring Holders - Need something to hold your wedding rings on the day you get married well use a lego character

Ring Pillows- for that literary couple who swears their first date was from the pages of Pride  Prejudice


Book Ring Pillows Instead of a ring pillow, hollow out a favorite book to keep your rings in.

Un coussin d'alliance avec un calendrier et la date du mariage marquée d'un coeur. C'est pas mignon, ça ?

Atherton Wedding by Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

Tutorial für Ringschale mit Spitzenmuster aus Efaplast

DIY: Ringschale mit Spitzenmuster

DIY Doily-Bowl Designs from doilies my Mother made years ago can be impressed into polymer clay and memories preserved.

Ringkissen im Bilderrahmen 'Save the Date' weiß

Ringkissen im Bilderrahmen | Save the Date | weiß

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