T-Shirt Quilts. i like how it's not even rows. Ive been wanting to make one of these for my kids for years!

Fun gift idea for Father's day! Quilt made from tshirts. Gather old high school and college T-shirts and make a quilt.

DIY Pallet Ideas

70 + Pallet - Craft Projects - Collection

Alte Möbel neu gestalten - die alte Nähmaschine als Vintage Möbel verwenden - http://freshideen.com/diy-do-it-yourself/alte-mobel-neu-gestalten.html

My grandmother used to own and use a Singer Sewing Machine. Table made out of an old cast iron sewing machine base and a work bench top by Matthew Elliot.Mog has one n

Brotkörbchen aus Flaschenkorken

Ein feines Korkenbrotkörberl

Vogelhäuschen aus Toilettenpapierrollen

Vogelhäuschen aus Toilettenpapierrollen