PIN This magnificent fireplace designed by Tamizo Architects Group uses a natural, rusted metal to create this feature piece. Alongside the brick walls and modern furniture, a beautifully cohesive room is created.

La Brenda, Barcelona, 2015 - RÄS - Clàudia Raurell y Joan Astallé / tiles

La Brenda hid an inner patio colonized by junk that we decided to rescue and claim as the core around which the rest of the program of the house was fitted. The patio unconciously organises the house: facing south to the street the daytime zone;

The T&PC residence designed by Mim Design, is located in Melbourne, Australia. The old Victorian property now combines the beautiful historic character with the demands of catering and functional living of a young family. The airy rooms get a sophisticated and contemporary twist from the wooden flooring and ceiling, while the marble-like detailed kitchen isle, walls and and furniture emerge in different tones of grey. The open social space created by the combination of kitchen, dining area…

Surrey Hills residence by Mim Design