Stefan Alfredson

Stefan Alfredson

Stefan Alfredson
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Chaos Marine, Blood for the Blood God!

Colored up this Chaos Lord, striking a pose with his weapon. Original artist is Alex Drummond. Lord of Chaos

412thcadian: “ Faith is my Shield by NicholasKay ”

Hey folks, Here's a piece I did for Fantasy Flight Games which was announced on their site yesterday! © Games Workshop under license to Fantasy Flight Games Speed Paint Vid.

Land Raider of Nurgle

The Internet's largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting

13321769_1239771902707360_3417054291129148120_n.jpg (649×960)

There are some really amazing titan conversions out there but some of the coolest always seem to be Chaos Titans!


the-emperor-protects: “ HOLY! Look at this BEAST! Just look at him and let the badassness soak in like the Emperors light!Holy shit hes awesome…. By: mikhailsavier ”