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apostlesofmercy: “ A Jagdtiger of the Wehrmacht’s Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion joins its siblings as the unit surrenders to the U. Infantry Division at Iserlohn, Germany - 16 April

The last 3 Jagdtigers of s.PzJg.Abt.512 in Iserlohn 1945.

The last 3 Jagdtigers of in Iserlohn

A surrendered GermN Jagdtiger of 1./s.Pz.Jäger.Abt.512 in Iserlohn, April 1945. *Note the troops are surrendering & laying down their weapons as well.

512 German heavy battalion of tank destroyers (armed, by the way, even tank destroyer “Jagdtiger”).

Iserlohn, Germnay, 16 April 1945. The remnants of 1.s.Pz.J

Iserlohn, Germnay, 16 April The remnants of 3 Jagdtigers plus support vehicles, surrender to US Infantry Division.

1975 Iserlohn - Westbahnhof ☺

Photo of Iserlohn - Westbahnhof