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cute gift idea ~ cupcake in a jar!

cute gift idea ~ cupcake in a jar! Wonder if the mini cupcake will fit in a baby food jar.

Pimp my Packpapier! Manchmal reichen einfache Farbkleckse aus. Noch mehr Tips, wie du Geschenke kreativ verpacken kannst, findest du hier: http://www.gofeminin.de/wohnen/geschenke-kreativ-verpacken-s1568293.html

Günstig & genial: Die 10 besten Ideen, um deine Geschenke kreativ zu verpacken

money birthday card

Always looking for unique ways to give neices and nephews money for their bday to make it a bit more fun for them. Love this idea! Money Birthday Card - the gift is the rolled up money birthday candle

Cute way to give money for Christmas... I cant afford to do it with twenties but maybe fives :)

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Four

How to Fold Money for a Money Tree. Money is often given as a present in greeting cards or small envelopes. It can also be hung on a money, or blessing, tree. On a money tree, bills of any denomination are folded and affixed to the.

Money Gift for Weddings // Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Madame Bavarienne: Wedding-Season Money Gift for Weddings // Geldgeschenke zur…