100 DIY Möbel aus Autoreifen - Altreifen Recycling

TIRE TOTTER--What do you get when you combine a recycled car tire, a piece of cedar, some paint and a smiley-face? A Tire Totter of course---and a great project the whole family can

Tutorial Pferdeschaukel selber bauen nähen Pferd Schaukel DIY Anleitung horse swing building sewing

build tutorial Horse Rocking Horse Rocking himself sew DIY instructions

Channeled flume logs for children's water play.

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Autoreifen Klettersteig-Spielgeräte für-Kinder

32 car tires bolted together to form an amazing outside toy for the kids (and pets). Part of Nick Sayers' Geodesic Spheres project. Fun, but where am I going to find that many good tires?

toom Kreativwerkstatt - Wasserspielplatz  „Pitsch-Patsch"

toom Kreativwerkstatt - Wasserspielplatz „Pitsch-Patsch"