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Liesel Meminger, “‘My heart is so tired,’” the girl had said. She was sitting in a chapel, writing in her diary. No, thought Liesel as she walked. It’s my heart that is tired. A thirteen-year-old heart shouldn’t feel like this.

si que lo soy

Fibromyalgia is the AND in your Life, not what Defines your Life. Yes, you are wired differently. Yes we suffer- but don't you dare call yourself a fibro are a Fibro Fighter and you aren't messed up you are just a Limited Edition my loves.

I Love You This Much Tank | Wearing Words

“You are whole. You are valued. You are loved. I love you, just the way you are.” ~ HeatherAsh Amara Devoted wife, submissive and muse of A.

Seelenpartner finden- SEELENPARTNER - WENN LIEBE ALLE GRENZEN SPRENGT J.S. Wiech #Seelenpartner #Dualseelen #Zwillingsflammen #Zwillingsseelen

"A Soul Mate must not be searched.He will find you, exactly then, when both Souls are ready for it." ~ Seelenpartner finden- wenn Liebe alle Grenzen sprengt - J.

Küsse niemanden auf die Stirn, den du nicht auch vor hast zu behalten. Stirnküsse sind Versprechen. #zitat #zitate #spruch #sprüche #worte #wahreworte #schöneworte

Ein Versprechen für was? After years, and now I remember the night B-)

#liebe #liebessprueche #zitate

The Rule of Thirds is a photography tool that helps improve the composition of your photos. This post explains what exactly the Rule of Thirds is and how to use it to improve your photos!