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a glass table with a wooden stick sticking out of it
Hayo Gebauer Studio
a metal frame sitting in the middle of a room next to a pile of wood
Trude Trusses by Further Ther @further_ther
a round wooden table sitting on top of a white carpeted floor next to a wall
Gasoline Grill · Copenhagen, Denmark - IGNANT
two wooden tables sitting side by side on a yellow background
Our Favorite Launches From Stockholm Design Week 2020 - Sight Unseen
three round tables sitting next to each other in front of a white brick wall and floor
Leibal — Spline Sidetables
Spline Sidetables | Leibal
a small wooden table with one leg raised up and the other end extended down, in front of a gray background
ONE LEG TABLE - Thijmen van der Steen
a black shelf with two shelves on it
NO.19 minimalist side table in matte black
390,00€ ••• No19 is a modernist side table composed of various geometrical shapes. the side table is produced by a family business in italy and powder coated in berlin, germany. design by studio pascal howe. ••• #analograum #no19 #sidetable #minimal #powdercoatedsteel #minimalism #minimalismus #furniture #beistelltisch #einrichtung #wohnzimmer #sofa #bett #ablage #schlafzimmer #flexibel #modular #interieur #schwarz #living #interiors #home #modern #local #design #studiopascalhowe #madeinitaly
a small table with a flower on it and a white lamp next to the table
Table lamps
a white table with two ceramic objects on it and some lights above the table in the background
Contemporary Upholstered Stitch Stool
a large table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a pink balloon
curated by martina jane — Sabine Marcelis
a table made out of wood and concrete with two drawers on each side, sitting on a tile floor
Leibal — Architect Meets Karimoku