Funny Ecard: I've reached that age where my brain went from 'you probably shouldn't say that' to 'what the hell, let's see what happens'.

Free and Funny News Ecard: I take comfort in knowing that people younger than me look older than me.

I'm NOT...

This one had me laughing pretty hard! Im definitely guilty haha


...but my mom says I'm special.

I always say to my mom "you love me because i am special" then make this face at her. Her only reply "OH you are special alright O.o" lmaooo so great xD


What makeup do you use? haha def I cant believe someone actually smeared nutella on their face for this LOL

Da hab ich ganz viele von!

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This flower isn't dry, it just grow crispy


Funny pictures about Why camera angles are critical. Oh, and cool pics about Why camera angles are critical. Also, Why camera angles are critical.

Happens all the time....

"Suddenly, an oven fell from the sky and crash landed in my car! The tiny oven aliens now have to pay for my new car.


Yeah Dad that one! Thatone, dad He called rne a gecko. It is the female gator that actually cares for its young. Yeah Dad that one! ^ Thatone dad He called rne a gecko It is the female gator actually cares for its young



How I Met Your Avengers

Kids, in the summer of your aunt Robin decided to join the avengers. -How I met your mother/Avengers