Total süßer Sockenbär. Toll für Socken die ein kleines Loch haben ;)

Don't throw out those old socks! Turn them into Sock Animals like this adorable Sock Teddy Bear. He's easy to make and just waiting to be cuddled. It's a beautiful gift idea.


DIY teacup candles: Love these! So cute as a centerpiece on a tea party table or shower table. Perfect given as party favors too. Use mis-matched cups from a thrift store for a pretty, inexpensive shabby chic theme or gift.

schöne Karten mit Zeitung

Set of four critter cards made from pages of an old dictionary. such a simple idea, easy to copy. thanks for this idea!

You design your personal sCosy by selecting felt and elastic cord colors yourself


DIY mugs. A Striped sephora mug with red lips would be so cute!

Barnyard themed party favor bags!

kids parties ~ Barnyard themed party favor bags or just for a fun gift!


Schokoladentorte zum Geburtstag